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22 December 2013 @ 11:00 am
I miss..... you :"  
Straight to the point, I suddenly feel like missing Bakaleya6 so much :"(
In 2013.12.11 Shonen Club, they had a medley in which Jesse-Taiga-Masuryo sang Le Ciel, and it reminded me of last year's Le Ciel performance by 6 guys from Bakaleya!

I don't want to put war, but yes, to be honest, there are times when I kinda underestimating B6. I have seen many kinds of juniors and I apparently ends up to respect the ones from Kansai and the ones in stage plays more than the ones that "popular" and being in magazines... How to put it~ well you see I love guys like Snow Man, Travis Japan, or Gang Star, the one that might not really get in spotlight but we can see how they struggle, and you can feel their closeness also their idiocy stupidity cracking-ness and such =)) I'm not saying that Bakaleya6 or Sexy Boyz are not struggling or what, but they are more to the popular side. The ones that look good and beloved by their appearance. I don't hate them. I like them, but some of my other dark side feels like Snow Man or Travis Japan or those in Kansai are more respectable~

But I also admit that Bakaleya6 are struggling hard as well. Jesse were kinda new for me since I weren't really into Hip Hop JUMP, but I know the rest since they were little. When Bakaleya6 were really brought up to the spotlight, with all their dramas and movies and such, I was really hoping for them to have debut, you know! My biggest concern is about Taiga. He was offered to get in JE by Johnny himself. Okay, I didn't say whether Taiga didn't mean to enter the agency or what, but the fact it's Johnny who offered first makes me thing "He gotta take responsibility for letting Taiga in! Why just he doesn't make Taiga debut?" something like that. And about Shintaro, he was already like "leader of Johnny's Jr" since he was little, I think he deserves to have it. Hokuto and Yugo, I know that everyone was expecting to have B.I.Shadow debuted (or at least, stay as they are), to be honest they're my fave from BIS too, and it must be hurt to be left by Kento and Fuma. I imagined it just like Ya-Ya-yah. Juri--this have been my concern too but what makes me realized more is--when in jr ni Q he said that he desperately want to be center but he can't, I think it's a waste to dissolve Hip Hop JUMP if Bakaleya6 is not settled. He was getting crucial spot in HHJ~

I also admit that Bakaleya6 is a crucial group that changes me in these years. I knew Jrs since 2008, but in 2009-2012 I wasn't into them, but what brought me back to jrs fandom was them. I admit how I was crazy about them, particularly Hokku since I supported him since BIS, but then that Johnny ends up putting Hokuto and Jesse as duo and left the rest behind was the time when I lose my feeling for B6...

...Okay this writing has become so random :| what I want to say is I miss them. Okay. They deserve more spotlight, but as 6-person group. I know that Jesse and Hokuto also loves for being 6 than just duet or solo. I know that they're being themselves when they gather together. I know that Johnny's Ginza (Crea) of Hokuto-Jesse was not really selling well (not fully seated) to the point that I think Johnny should realize that their power is when there are 6 of them so Johnny should consider to group them back together :"