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26 June 2014 @ 01:19 pm
[drabble] A Stupid Hero (one-shot)  
Hello! This time I bring a little fan-made fic based on Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) story!
This is my first time making a fic in English (I'm lacking of vocabs, really TT^TT) and based on manga characters so please bear me. But I welcome any correction!

Title: A Stupid Hero
Author: mutimutimut@LJ
Genre: Romance
Rating: Teenager
Word Count: 661
Chara: Andou Tsubasa x Harada Misaki from Gakuen Alice. Natsume and Tonouchi were slightly involved.
Disclaimer: This is only fan-made fiction and has nothing to do with the real story.
Author's Note: This fic made with a setting when Nodacchi had come back right before Special Ability Class prepared for Christmas, then Nodacchi was finally hospitalized and asked Tsubasa whether he had succeeded to process transfer from Dangerous Ability to Special Ability back. To get a picture you can read several pages starting from this (courtesy: mangafox).

- - -

"Why didn't you tell the truth? About you staying in the Dangerous Ability," said Tonouchi while he took a glance on Tsubasa, "even if you hide it, for sure it will soon be known to all."

"Well, the kids were there, I don't want they become worried out of nothing," Tsubasa met his mate's eyes, "besides, I still have a place in between Special Ability..."

"But I still can't get why you don't just accept the offer to get back—"

"So, are you saying you would like us to worry about you, huh?" Misaki cut purposively, "leave him alone, Tono. Geez, moron. I won't dance with you again at the Christmas Ball!"

Tsubasa started to bawl. "Nooo, Misaki are you sure??? Lots of things happens but I still wanna dance with youuu~~~" He whined while he chased for Misaki. The girl only gave sharp reply and tried to get rid of him.

"No matter what you say I won't dance with you. It's your fault, you always decide things on your own," she replied.

Tsubasa could understand, but he could not leave things just as they are. Although Shiki-san had taken position as Middle School President and handled the situation slightly better, what Natsume said at that time was right. It would be better to team up with Dangerous Ability who had war capability than the rest of students.

Besides, he could not leave Natsume fight alone.

With Mikan under Elementary School President's hidden supervision, he knew Natsume had always been desperately looking for her despite of his worsening condition.

Natsume had limit—the life-shortening alice he possessed. That boy totally aware of it, but Tsubasa knew if he did not stay along with him, he might force himself in any ways to the limit so that he could save Mikan. Tsubasa clearly could not let it happen.

However, of course, it needed sacrifice as well. For Tsubasa, it meant to stay on Dangerous Ability, not to come back to Special Ability.

"Listen," Tsubasa grabbed Misaki's shoulders, forced her to turn around to his direction, "you know I can't let that boy and Chibi suffer all alone."

Misaki just looked to side. She could not meet Tsubasa's eyes. It was because she knew how he was so determined. She had to support him, but deep inside she did not want to let him go. She did not want to lose him again like at that time.

At the same time, Tsubasa could not stand seeing this kind of Misaki. He was too used to the Misaki who was boyish, straight-forward, and would punch or kick him. He knew that Misaki was so fragile despite of her appearance, but to know that did not mean he was ready to face Misaki who looked like she was holding back tears like that.

So, he loosened his grip. But, at the time Misaki turned and started to leave, he reached her from behind.

"I'm really sorry," Tsubasa buried his face on Misaki's hair and hugged her tight, "You would understand, right?"

Misaki only be silent.

"I owe him once," he referred to Natsume, "it's time to pay back." But Misaki still did not respond.

Tsubasa sighed. "Please, don't make this hard for me—OWWW!"

Tsubasa was whispering near Misaki's ear when suddenly a fire ball appeared. Of course, Natsume's alice.

"I don't need your help in particular," said Natsume, "you pissed me off."

Misaki was also surprised by sudden Natsume's fire ball—and of course Tsubasa's screaming—but then she just laughed and left.

"A stupid guy shouldn't act cool. Saying 'I owe him' or such," said Misaki while still be laughing, kinda teasing, actually, "and I still don't wanna make you as dance partner. Even if you expect me to understand, I'm still mad at you."

Yes, Andou Tsubasa was really stupid. So stupid that he would volunteer himself to trouble just for a faint hope.

But, that's the Tsubasa she loved.